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MBBC offers business consulting services that help you simplify your business processes and get back to doing what you love.

Create Efficient Systems

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Reclaim Your Passion

Your work matters.

That's why you started doing it in the first place. But little by little, you've noticed your passion waning. 
Maybe it's because you're bogged down in the day to day details, or maybe it's because your work-life balance has become more work and less life
But no matter the reason, it's time to stop wasting time slogging through details, and start the journey back to what you love. 


Help for the journey

MBBC wants to help you reclaim your work-life balance - and your passion. That's why we:

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    Offer a Holistic Approach

    We believe work is just one part of your life, so we offer a holistic approach to consulting that encompasses more than just the 9-5.

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    Work Only With Purposeful Businesses

    We work only with businesses (and leaders) we believe in, so we can be passionate about your goals, too.

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    Take A Personal Interest In Your Work

    We don't see ourselves as just contractors, but as coaches helping you find your space to thrive.


Meet Matt.

Matt is an avid adventurer who is passionate about being healthy in all areas of life. This is why he is committed to using his mind for details and his big-picture thinking to help business leaders simplify their business processes and create efficient systems that not only work, but get leaders back to the parts of their work (and life!) they truly love.
When not helping business leaders journey back to their passion, Matt can be found helping the world remove the stigma around addiction recovery, spending time with his family, or climbing a mountain somewhere.


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Hear From Other Journeyers



Health Care Organization

Not only did MBBC have an organized and disciplined way to get everything we needed to get done, done, but he also brought great creativity and experience to the table to help us make sure we had all our bases covered. He left us with a process that we could use to ensure that we were on track! MBBC helped us accelerate our project timeline by 50% while at the same increasing the organization's confidence in our own ability to execute. There are lots of advisors out there, but the best ones are those that can execute. You’ll know within the first few weeks that MBBC is one of those organizations that gets things done. You have nothing to lose. Don’t procrastinate! Get started.


Greg Brock

Broker/Owner of Atlas Premier Realty

Before Matt came to Atlas, we struggled with systems integration and efficiencies. We knew there were many opportunities to streamline and save money. We were trying to build our systems around anomalies. This was making it impossible to scale. Once Matt came on board, he pointed out ways for us to make our systems simpler. Since having Matt on board, our gross revenue has nearly doubled thanks to his out of the box thinking and systems. Matt challenges us in a positive way and has been a huge part of our growth. Wouldn't hesitate to suggest Matt's services to other growing companies. 



Substance Use Disorder Treatment Startup

Matt was was extremely professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very well versed in subject matters that we weren't very familiar with. 
Matt used his experience and knowledge base to assist with setting and accomplishing goals that were needed to launch our business. 
I would recommend MBBC to everyone looking to take their organization to the next steps. Matt helped our organization tremendously!

Prior to working with Matt and MBBC, we were in chaos. 
As a small business, we were at a crossroads of growth and mediocrity, and we didn't even know it. Frankly, we were thinking and playing small. Looking back on that time, I can feel the anxiety again; we just seemed to be stuck, running in mud. 
When I sat down with Matt to really dig deep into bringing him aboard, I had my "playing small" hat on, but it didn't take long after talking to him that we needed to stretch ourselves, partner with him, and start betting on ourselves. He pushed, but that's what talent does, and I know we needed it, so we teamed up. 
That was June 2020, and in the immediate months following, Matt completely revamped, streamlined, and made some of our primary internal systems much more efficient. Simply put, because our systems were much less reliant on one person and the workload that person could handle, we could load more onto it; our bandwidth immediately increased. 
Fast forward a bit to November 2020, and our company went through a complete reshuffle, from leadership to more internal systems to now opening a second office. All of that was scary, but there was a calmness to the decisions being made. The focus went from fear and cautiousness to possibility and being bold, yet strategic. We were thinking and acting bigger, moving with a swagger. We started to experience explosive growth for the first time ever. It was a little messy and there were a lot of balls in the air, but at no point were we out of control. It was fun. 
We ended 2020 with 1 location, 9 people, and $53 million in sales, and we will end 2021 with 2 locations (already sights set on a third), 24 people (several set to onboard as I write this), and $105 million in sales. 
On top of nearly doubling our company in just a year, our vision changed, our confidence changed, and we are absolutely poised to grow. A lot of people shared in making that happen, but I honestly can say, not only was Matt one of the main pivot points, he was a driving force. 
He has helped support reshuffling my mindset, my focus, and my bandwidth. I'm showing up for the people in our company better and I will forever be indebted to him for all of this. 
If you're on the fence or finding yourself stuck in neutral, it might be because the engine in your organization needs a jump. Matt is the jumper cable. The world isn't served by you playing small, and imperfect activity beats a perfect plan, so shake things up and bet on yourself by betting on Matt.

Nick KellarCEO/Owner of Atlas Premier Realty

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